Utility to Retrieve Deleted Files from Iomega External Hard Drive

Most of the people use Iomega external hard drives because of its advanced features and reliability. These external hard drives are available in several models and in the wide range of storage capacities. It is mainly used for taking backup of important data as it is portable in nature. Although, it is compact and light weight, you can still store huge amount of data in it. This external drive has high accessibility and portability, user may carry their important files everywhere they go and access on it any system whether it is Windows or Mac based system. Despite this, user may lose data from their Iomega external hard drive at any instant of time. In such situation, you can use of Iomega Data Recovery software which can recover deleted files from Iomega external hard drive with utmost ease. If you want to know more about how to recover lost data from Iomega external hard drive then you can visit this link: http://www.iomega-datarecovery.com/

Reasons for data loss from Iomega external hard drive:

  • Unintentionally deletion of file from Iomega extremal hard drive while deleting unwanted files from it.
  • Accidental formatting of Iomega external hard drive instead of some other drive when it is connected to system.
  • Your file may get deleted when you scan your Iomega extremal hard drive data with antivirus program.
  • The Iomega external hard drive can get physically damaged which may results in loss of files due to the negligence of the user when they drop it.
  • Sudden system shutdown or unexpected power failure while transferring files from Iomega external hard drive to the computer or vice-versa.
  • Pulling out the Iomega external hard drive from the computer while you are transferring files to computer or vice-versa.
  • Data saved in Iomega external hard drive becomes inaccessible if your hard drive file system gets corrupted due to any reason.
  • Using same Iomega external hard drive on different operating systems may result in inaccessibility of Iomega external hard drive.

However, loss of data from Iomega external hard drive can be recover with the help of a dominant data recovery software like Iomega Data Recovery software to get back your deleted files from Iomega 1 TB external hard drive within few clicks of the mouse.

Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Download good antivirus program and keep it updated so that it can be effective in case your system is affected by severe virus.
  • When you realized that you lost files from Iomega external hard drive, disconnect it from the system in order to avoid overwriting of data.
  • It is important to save your important files frequently once you complete the work to avoid such loss which occur due to sudden power failure.

Features of Iomega Data Recovery software:

  • Iomega Data Recovery software is highly appreciated software which can be used to get back deleted files from Iomega external hard disk drive.
  • The software performs a signature search to find and extract files which have been deleted or lost from Iomega external hard disk on Windows and Mac based system. If you want to perform Windows 10 hard drive failure recovery then you can click on this link: http://www.iomega-datarecovery.com/windows-10-hard-drive-failure-recovery.html
  • This software can also be used to recover lost files after you have lost, deleted, formatted, reformatted partition or reformatted Iomega external hard drive.
  • It also supports deleted file recovery from Iomega external hard drive of various popular brands like Seagate, FireWire Drives, Transcend, Toshiba, Western Digital, LaCie, etc.
  • Using this software, you can also recover files from Iomega Prestige, Iomega eGo, Iomega StorCenter, etc. hard drive with great ease.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files From Iomega External Hard Drive:

Step 1: Download and install Iomega Data Recovery software on your computer. Now connect the Iomega external hard drive to the computer and run the utility to find home screen. From the home screen click on "Recover Drives" option.

Recover Deleted Files From Iomega External Hard Drive- Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From the next screen, click on "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option according to your loss scenarios.

Get Back Deleted Files From Iomega External Hard Disk Drive - Select Option

Figure 2: Select Option

Step 3: Now select the drive from the program list on which you want to perform file recovery and move on.

How To Recover Lost Data From Iomega External Hard Drive- Select Iomega Failed Drive

Figure 3: Select Iomega Prestige External HDD

Step 4: Once scanning is over, you will be seeing the following screen, soon after this you can view the recovered file before restoring them on the desired location.

Deleted File Recovery From Iomega External Hard Drive - Preview Recovered Data

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Data 

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8)
and Mavericks Users