Iomega RAID Data Recovery

Iomega is an external hard drive which has become most popular because of its data transferring speed, reliability and durability. It is also available with huge storage capacity due to which one can store any type of data on it such as documents, video files, picture files, music, spreadsheets and much more. This storage device also called as Iomega RAID drive as it contains RAID controller. That is, multiple logical drives will be combined and displayed as single drive when it is connected to desktop and laptop computers. There are several RAID levels and each level has its special features where data striping and mirroring takes place.

However like other storage devices, even there are chances that you lose your essential data from Iomega RAID drive. For example, if Iomega RAID drive gets corrupted due to some logical reasons, then you won’t be able to read or extract data from it. So due to drive corruption, you may lose your entire data stored on that particular drive. Anyhow, you need not to get worried about Iomega RAID data recovery because, there are still chances that you can recover lost or deleted data from it.

But to know how to recover data from Iomega RAID drive, you need to make use of an excellent recovery tool such as Iomega Data Recovery Software. It is an advanced application, which has been highly rated and recommended by industry experts to restore data from Iomega RAID drive. Along with Iomega RAID data recovery, this utility also has an ability to perform Iomega eGo data recovery in short span of time.

Scenarios for RAID drive data loss

  • Use of Third Party Tool: If you make use of any third party tool to reconfigure RAID partitions, then there are chances that your Iomega RAID drive may get corrupted and leads to complete data loss from it.
  • Partition Table Corruption: Partition table contains all the essential information about the partitions on Iomega RAID drive. If it gets corrupted or damaged, then you may lose access to your Iomega RAID drive which in turn results in data loss from it.
  • Power Surge: While accessing Iomega RAID drive data, if your system gets abruptly shut down due to power surge, then there are possibilities that you may lose data from Iomega RAID drive.
  • Other Scenarios: Data may get deleted or lost from Iomega RAID drive due to some other reasons such as bad sectors, file system corruption, accidental deletion, interrupted data transfer, software malfunction, OS crash etc.

In order to overcome from all the above mentioned scenarios or to know how to recover data from Iomega RAID drive, you need to make use of Iomega Data Recovery Software. This software works effectively under all these scenarios, so it makes that Iomega RAID data recovery task much easier.

Salient features of Iomega Data Recovery Software

Iomega Data Recovery is a powerful tool to perform data recovery from Iomega RAID drive. This application has an ability to recover 300 file types including music files, videos, photo files, Word files etc. It can easily recover lost or deleted data from Iomega hard drives. Along with Iomega RAID data recovery, it can also be used to perform Iomega external hard drive failure data recovery. It has strong scanning algorithms to scan and retrieve data from Iomega RAID drive. Other than Iomega, it also supports WD, Toshiba, Seagate, Sony, SanDisk, LaCie etc. It also supports Iomega Prestige data recovery on Windows and Mac. This tool is compatible with FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX partitions.

This utility is capable to recover data from all RAID levels i.e. from RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, etc. Using this application, you can also recover data from SATA, IDE and SCSI drives. It has simple GUI that guides you how to recover data from Iomega RAID drive in few simple steps. It has an ability to recover lost or deleted data from Iomega RAID drive on both Windows and Mac OS. Its Preview option enables you to view the recovered data before restoration.

Check here for more special features of Iomega Data Recovery Software.

Steps to carry out Iomega RAID data recovery process:

Step 1: Download demo version of Iomega data recovery application and install it on your healthy computer. Then, connect Iomega RAID hdd to the system where the application has been installed. Run the software and select "Recover Drives" option from the main screen as shown in Figure 1.

Iomega RAID Data Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select either "Partition Recovery" or “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option as shown in Figure 2 to recover data from Iomega RAID drive.

Iomega RAID Data Recovery - Select Option

Figure 2: Select Option

Step 3: The software displays the list of drives present on your system. Select Iomega RAID drive from which you need to get back data and then click on "Next" arrow button as shown in Figure 3 to start the data recovery process.

Iomega RAID Data Recovery - Select Iomega RAID Drive

Figure 3: Select Iomega RAID Drive

Step 4: Once done with data recovery process, you will be able to Preview all the retrieved data in "File Type View" or "Data Type View" as shown in Figure 4.

Iomega RAID Data Recovery - Preview Recovered Data

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8)
and Mavericks Users